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  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place Chris Walczak Amherst 4.94
Second Place Beau Brooks Lockport 3.64
Third Place Chris Hertel Lockport 3.38
Kids James Benzinger North Carolina 3.06
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place  Albert Whaley Tonawanda 5.19
Second Place Joe Dzikoski Buffalo 2.88
Third Place Steven DiNardo North Tonawanda 2.65
Kids Blake Hicks Lockport 1.18
Northern Pike
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place Keegan Walczak  Amherst 9.65
Second Place Gwen Whaley Tonawanda 7.45
Third Place  Jeremiah Hughes Amherst 7.29
Kids Gianni Etopia Lewiston 4.42
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place Anthony Moule Jr. Lyndonville 2.25
Second Place JJ Hillman Lockport 1.56
Third Place Rob Robel Wheatfield 1.52
Kids Lillian Arida Pendleton 1.44
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place Charles Rizzo North Tonawanda 14.00
Second Place Heather Baker North Tonawanda 9.62
Third Place Robert Reed Tonawanda 6.73
Kids Joe Cwiklinski Depew 4.76
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place Mike Boncore Buffalo 28.02
Second Place Matt Steffan Williamsville 21.40
Third Place Richard Udell Gasport 21.32
Kids Joe Terranova Gasport 19.23
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place Todd Wells Medina 11.39
Second Place Jacob Velesko Middleport 10.46
Third Place  Carleen Beback Buffalo 8.69
Kids Jakob Benzinger North Carolina 3.35
Tagged Fish Taken
 Name From Tag # Sponsor Date Caught
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Final Results
2017 Erie Canal Fishing Derby
Winner of Boat and Motor
Winner of Kayack
 Keegan Walczak
 James Benzinger