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2018 Derby Final Results
Winner of Boat and Motor
Winner of Kayack
Lee Hathaway
Morgan Hathaway
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place Eugene Roberts Medina 4.06
Second Place Mike Wrobel Newfane 3.77
Third Place Richard Thering II Lockport 3.68
Kids Riley Starcher Lockport
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place Joe Torregrossa Jr. Grand Island 8.70
Second Place  Ben Starcher Lockport 7.10
Third Place Keegan Walczak Amherst 4.56
Kids Gwen Whaley North Tonawanda 2.60
Northern Pike
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place Richard Hawes Lockport 7.69
Second Place  Albert Whaley
North Tonawanda
Third Place Jeremiah Hughes Hamburg 5.78 
Kids Tim Hughes Amherst 4.87
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place  Tim Duxbury Lockport 1.82
Second Place Shanin Haskell Lockport 1.79
Third Place Judy Woolson Lockport 1.56
Kids Ethan Bronschidle Newfane 1.40
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place  Rob Robel Wheatfield 9.80
Second Place George Frombgen Lockport 7.44
Third Place Nick Christ Brockport 6.85
Kids Gage Frombgen Lockport 5.75
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place Lee Hathaway Gasport 22.00
Second Place Craig Udell Gasport 20.34
Third Place Sean Cramer Middleport 19.43
Kids  Morgan Hathaway Gasport 14.75
  Name From Weight (lbs)
First Place  Jordan Izzo Sanborn 11.10
Second Place  Rachel Izzo Sanborn 10.89
Third Place  Michael Boncore Buffalo 10.63
Kids   Ella Dickinson Gasport 8.42