Erie Canal Fishing Derby
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1. All fish entered must be caught by hook and line, rod and reel in a legal fashion determined by N.Y.S. D.E.C. Laws. All entered fish must be caught in the waters of the Erie Canal.
2. By signing the Entry Form, you have agreed to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Derby. Failure to comply with these rules will forfeit your right to any prizes, and if deemed necessary, will prevent you from entering this Derby in the future!
3. The Participant must purchase their Derby Registration the day prior to submitting a fish into the Derby.
a. Proof of I.D. and Registration Card will be needed with each weigh-in.
b. You must have a witness who is registered in the Derby that was in the immediate area present 'at the weigh-in, to sign the affidavit, corroborating the style and location of the catch.
4. The fish must be entered whole, not gaffed, gutted or snagged. The winners will be determined by weight only. Any fish found containing any foreign materials, will disqualify that fish from consideration for any prize.
5. When fishing from a boat, all persons aboard at the time of catch must be registered in the Derby.
6. Registration of the fish and the witness must fill out the weigh-in form to the satisfaction of the weigh-in station personnel.
7. In the event of a tie, the person who enters the first fish according to the date and time recorded on the fish entry form will be the winner. The second or subsequent fish, entered at the same weight, will assume the nest lower division position, and so on until all positions are filled. If two or more of identical weight should be entered on the same date and time, a toss of the coin will determine the winner and the loser will assume the nest lower position in the division.
8. All fish entered must be weighed by the weigh master on the day caught if possible, or the earliest the next day. All fish must meet current New York D.E.C. regulations on size and limit.
9. Agrees that the weight of the fish is determined by tens and hundreds to equal a pound. (Example: 4.50 reading is 4 1,2 lbs)
10. Agrees to the boundaries which are: from Gasport west to the City of Tonawanda, the Canal ending at the Niagara River from Gasport going east to Albion, the canal ending at Main Street bridge in Albion.
11. A participant is entitled to only ONE master prize. No participant may win more than one of division prizes, although contestants may enter one or more fish. If the succeeding fish is larger, the smaller, or fish with least value will be withdrawn.
12. Agrees to submit all disputes to the Derby Committee within 24 hrs after a fish is entered. The decision of the Derby Committee is final and not reviewable in any form.
13. Agrees that each contestant who offers a prize winning fish "be subject to a Polygraph (Lie Detector) Test, if so specified by the Derby Committee.
14. All weighed fish must be gill punched by the weigh master.
15. Agrees that winners are responsible for all taxes on prizes.
16. You must be registered in the Derby to be eligible to enter the “Cash Bash". This contest is optional, and is 100% payback. Whatever amount all the weigh stations take in, the top participants by weight in each division, splits the amount.
17. Fishing in the Lock Chambers or from the Lock Walls or any other canal structure is prohibited.
18. Kids 14 and under: Any entered fish that fills any senior division slot automatically withdraws them from the kids division. Kids are eligible to win the Grand Prize if their fish is in First Place. (only 1st place winners draw for the Grand Prize.) If their fish gets knock-out of Senior Division, they return to Kids Division, only if they retain 1st. Place in any Division in Kids
19. Weigh stations have the right to refuse to weigh ANY fish. For example, fish that has been dead for days and smells. Also, any harassment or bad behavior by any contestant towards any weigh station personal will be, an 'automatic' dismissal from the derby.
20. Nightfishing is allowed.
21. Please note: Not all weighstations have the same hours of operation, so please check each station hours.
22. Any fish that fills a first place slot at weigh-in will become property of canal personnel. Refusal to do this will disqualify that fish from the derby. After examination (if necessary) of the fish it will be returned to the contestant.
23. Any contestant who brings to a weigh station a fish that has been altered in any manner, will be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament.  In addition, any previous fish entered by said contestant will be removed from the tournament and disqualified for all prizes and recognition as a prize winner.
Entry Sign Ups - For families signing up this means only immediate family. Mother, Father and their kids up to age 18 ONLY. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces or Nephews must sign up separately.
Everyone in "Family" must pay the $5.00 to enter Family: Father and Mother and their kids up to the age of 18. Any questions please call 830-8434
7 Divisions of Fish
12" Large & Small Mouth Bass • 15" Walleye
22' N. Pike • Bullhead • Catfish• Carp• Sheephead
Derby ends Sunday, July 26th at 9 p.m. sharp!

* Please keep your fishing area clean.
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